Quoting the words of our scholars

Hello everyone, I am Sowbarnika Currently Working as Chief of Staff at The Entrepreneurship Network. I am proud to add a statement that I have started my Internship Career as a fresh Scrum Master and extended my paths to various departments which includes General Management, Operations, Marketing, Documentation and Sales. TEN has enhanced me with Communication Skills & Decision making Skills.



I joined the program with a dream of creating apps that make a difference. The hands-on experience and mentorship here have fueled my creativity. Now, I’m not just dreaming; I'm coding my way to turning ideas into reality


Shruti Bhagat

The integrated technology learning program has been a revelation for me. From coding challenges to immersive projects, every module is designed to push our boundaries. It's not just about learning languages; it's about cultivating a mindset that can adapt to any tech challenge


Ishika Aggrawal