Ten ambassador Training + Internship + Career Counselling

Ten ambassador Training + Internship + Career Counselling

The Entrepreneurship Network (TEN) is a community based Edu-Tech group whose objective is to provide quality learning and expertise. We are seeking to hire TEN Ambassador to join our team. If you're a passionate for your work, TEN Company is a great companyfor you. Don't hesitate to apply
1. Creating awareness and promote TEN among students and masses on your respective campuses
2. Generating the buzz around the TEN through various social media platforms
3. Working on explaining various opportunities in TEN and becoming the first contact between students and TEN teams
4. Working on coming up with innovative ideas to increase user count and improve user engagements
5. Promoting TEN for sponsorship at your college events
6. Working on gathering opinions and reviews about colleges
7. Spearheading online discussions with students/alumni.


Career Counselling :

You will get an expert advice from an experienced person holding 10+ years of experience in corperate industry and an alumni of IIT , Wharton and Delhi College Of Engineering. You will get 4-5 career counselling session in this program.

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