Technical program management + Internship + Career Counselling

Technical program management + Internship + Career Counselling

The Entrepreneurship Network (TEN) is a community based Edu-Tech group whose objective is to provide quality learning and expertise. We are seeking to hire General Management Intern to join our team. If you're a passionate for your work, TEN Company is a great company for you. Don't hesitate to apply.




Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include:.
1. Organizing programs and activities in accordance
with the mission and goals of the organization
2. Developing new programs to support the strategic
direction of the organization
3. Creating and managing long-term goals
4. Developing a budget and operating plan for the
5. Developing an evaluation method to assess program
strengths and identify areas for improvement
6. Ensuring goals are met in areas including customer
satisfaction, safety, quality, and team member
7. Implementing and managing changes and
interventions to ensure project goals are achieved
8. Producing accurate and timely reporting of program
status throughout its life cycle
9. Analyzing program risks
10. Working on strategy with the marketing team.


Career Counselling :

You will get an expert advice from an experienced person holding 10+ years of experience in corperate industry and an alumni of IIT , Wharton and Delhi College Of Engineering. You will get 4-5 career counselling session in this program.

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