Product Management

Product Management

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This module is prepared with special emphasis given on both current and new product managers working digitally who want to apply for a portfolio of modern practices to develop their products and teams. It comprises of five sub-courses through which one can cover product design, hypothesis-driven development and agile, all at the heart of modern product management.

The course covers a wide spectrum of product management entities, right from market intelligence to strategy to new product development and lifecycle management.

It has been designed to help candidates meet the fundamental purposes of product management: managing the full lifecycle of products and services in order to create customer trust and loyalty, generating large scale competitive advantage and delivering prolonged profitability.

It will hone the candidates’ Product Management skills in growth strategy and enable them to lead experimentation and data-driven decision-making in their organizations to catapult products to the next level.

No prior requisites, although product management experience would be an added advantage.

Who this course is for
Product managers with 0-5 years of experience.
Product managers who work with engineering teams (software developers, hardware developers, scientists, etc.) to develop next generation products.

  • The course contains the following content:


    Introduction The course is given an introduction at a basic level in this section, along with a high-level explanation on the purpose and process of product management.


    Market Intelligence - In this lecture, we talk about market analysis and identifying market segments.


    Strategy - In this section, you are acquainted with the importance of developing a product strategy and the process of creating a strategy including product vision and objectives.


    New Product Development - This section discusses the need for developing the product in line with the objectives and strategy involved in the previous section.


    Lifecycle Management - Through this section, we look at the value propositions for our product and how we use them to identify our key benefits and create a competitive distinction.


    Wrap-Up – The course is concluded in this section with a recap to all the preceding sections.


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