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If you want to learn to think like an innovator, this is place for you! This quest teaches you how to think research, analyze, innovate and strategize. The content present in this course will help you visualize business ideas in a holistic way by putting together patterns of varying complexity into a single perspective for practice. This expert module covers the concepts, design, organization, and management of new enterprises. It is a five-course series is designed to help you know more about opportunity identification via launch, growth, financing and profitability. Expertly guided sessions from Wharton's top professors along with insights from its current start-up founders and investors will not only enable you to develop an entrepreneurial mindset but also hone the skills you need to for a plethora of purposes, be it consolidating your business up to its feet, developing a new enterprise from down up or to identify and pursue opportunities for growth in any existing organization.

Course Objectives
To channel your energies into your business idea.
To overcome all your fears about innovation.
To make you confident to present your ideas through practical research methods.

Basic knowledge of English language and computer proficiency
Early vision on how to start a business

Who this course is for
Anyone above 16 years of age.
Any entrepreneur who is interested to understand business.
Anyone interested in research, innovation and marketing.


  • Introduction: You are introduced to Entrepreneurship at a nascent level.

    Entrepreneurship and Critical thinking : This section provides deeper details on entrepreneurship and how an entrepreneur should think in any situation.

    Innovation : This section emphasizes on the need to constantly innovate one’s business model.

    Culture and Communication Breakdown : This part focuses on the importance of having excellent communication skills and holistic work environment.

    Innovation Practice and Methods: This section encapsulates the different manners or ways in which innovation can be exercised and achieved in a venture.

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