Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

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Become a Digital Marketer

This course summarizes the concept of Digital Marketing at expert level wherein the candidate would get an opportunity to learn to create how to market content using social media to amplify outgoing messages, making content discoverable in search, running advertisement campaigns and advertising on Facebook. Additionally, you will also learn how display and video adverts work and how marketing can be executed with email, using Google Analytics to measure and optimize results.

This module explores several aspects of advanced digital marketing environment, comprising of various topics, namely digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing and 3D Printing. The rich content of the module ensures that upon completing the Digital Marketing Specialization the candidates will have a strong understanding of the new digital marketing landscape and will have acquired a new set of stories, concepts and tools to help them become digitally empowered.

Applicants should possess proficiency in basic computer skills and be comfortable navigating online.
Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).

Who this course is for
Prospective Business Owners who don't know where to get started.
Website owners who are struggling to get traffic and sales.Individuals/Groups looking to possess highly paid freelancing skills

  • This course encapsulates all the relevant topics in online marketing, comprising more than 20 hours of clear-cut study material. The following topics are covered in the course:

    Introduction – In this section, the course is introduced by explaining the objectives and structure of the course. Additionally, the purpose and process of digital marketing is also talked about.


    Market Research - In this section, you would be taught on How to Find a Hungry-to-Buy Audience with 3 Simple Questions.


    Make a Website – The section instructs the candidates on how to build a basic functional website.


    Email Marketing – After going through this section you will be enlightened on the need of marketing a business with email?


    Copywriting – In this section you would be taught how to create attractive headlines.


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - This section will assist you on the use of SEO metrics to measure SEO performance.


    YouTube Marketing In this section, you`ll learn to drive traffic & sales with sample videos.


    Social Media Marketing This section enables you to learn why there is a need to market your business on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora


    LinkedIn Marketing - This section teaches you how to go viral on LinkedIn and multiply your connections to more than 400 times the original number.


    App Marketing –This section will help discover 43 Ways to Promote Your App.


    Google Ad-words – This section will make you avoid common mistakes and set up profitable campaigns for the first time.


    Facebook Ads – This section focuses on making money with Facebook Ads without spending a fortune.

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