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🔥 *What takes to be a successful Entrepreneur? 2.0* 🔥

📌 *The ability to identify strengths and weaknesses.*

As a business owner, you don’t need to be perfect at everything. You do, however, have to understand where you’re strong and where you’re weak. Assessing this will inform everything from the business decisions you make, to the partners you bring on, and to the employees you hire.

📌 *The ability to hire effective people.*

Speaking of hiring, this is easily one of the most important skills any entrepreneur could have. Having great people on your team will give you access to new strengths, while also building a company culture that people want to be a part of? Hiring the right people is essential to get where you want to go.

📌 *The ability to train new staff.*

When you bring on someone new, a robust on-boarding process will ensure that they know what to do and not do. Not only will this help keep your company moving the correct direction, it will increase the commitment level of good employees and give you grounds to follow up on misconduct.

📌 *The ability to manage staff.*

Once you have the right people, you need to manage them well. Early on in your business’s growth, you’ll be everyone’s manager, so it pays to be effective. If you don’t already know how to manage, take the time to learn how to motivate, encourage, and develop your staff.

📌 *The ability to conduct basic SEO.*

In the beginning, you’ll be doing the work of every business department. With that in mind, do you understand basic SEO and digital marketing? If not, you’ll want to brush up on this area before you launch a business

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