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TEN brings Career Services a lifetime opportunity for applicants who aspire to accelerate their journey towards fulfilling their aspirations

In today`s cutthroat environment of employment, planning your career can be an overwhelming individual pursuit, often creating a strain on your resources.

Choosing our services provides you with a holistic and supportive environment to effectively plan your career trajectory.

Career Services not only helps you achieve your ambitious professional goals but it will transform you into an all round individual with excellent technical as well as communication skills.



The program has been built with an emphasis on realizing the existing potential in you, to support you in bolstering areas that need improvement & then provide you with opportunities in accordance with your career goals and specific skill sets. You can choose from Career Development and Career Assistance or choose both to empower yourself with an extensively sophisticated career excellence system that will act as your support system.


It focuses on analyzing the
skill set of the individual,
defining his career goals
and honing the skills required for personal growth as well as for his desired career path.


Exclusively designed to identify
the right work opportunities
based on the individual’s

& Assistance

A  combined program that
provides the individual with the
best of both worlds wherein he
would be undergo the requisite
process for both development as well as job assistance


1. Career Forum
Webinars conducted by our experts with the intention to provide a sound process on how to identify a career path, building a professional outlook, managing expectations at workplaces, building an attractive resume, and utilizing social media for career growth.
2. Career Counseling
A guidance session wherein career counselors define the candidate`s career goals and, based on that, devise a career growth strategy and the first half and follow it up by guiding them on how to build a catchy CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.
3. Mock Interview Type I
Another 60 minute, one to one, personalized practice interview session split in 2 halves to prepare a candidate for interviews and suggest them on how to handle common interview questions, which is followed by a 30 minute feedback session on the mock interview held in the first half.
4. Mock Interview Type II
This is an upgrade on the Interview Session Type I, featuring a tougher interview with trickier questions and focusing on the functional expertise as per the candidate`s profile, followed by feedback.
5. Job Support
A designated support team will work towards recognizing suitable job opportunities and planning interviews with preferred companies based on the candidate`s skill set. The team will ensure that the candidate is fetched as many job opportunities as possible.

Learning Material

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